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The Uncensored podcast is set for a third season!

July 2020

The podcast "The Uncesored" will be entering its third season in fall. It begin when some students thought having a podcast ran by students was a good idea. Season 3 host include Will Wheeler bringing in the Black perspective, Maggie Sheffer offering the LGBTQ+ perspective, Kelsey White representing the women, and there will be a forth host who has yet to be announced will also be a member of a minority group. You can keep up with the podcast by following them on instagram @theuncensoredcast

Freshman will be able to become BSU Officers!

July 2020

BSU Parliamentarian Will Wheeler has created a way for freshman to gain leadership roles in BSU. Similar to how SGA has transition to a yearly terms instead school year instead of serving from August to May the terms will be from January to December. Wheeler says it is still in the planning but is working with the Center of Student Engagement to make sure that it runs smoothly.